Thursday, 2 August 2007

Where the hell is he?

Well, my apologies for leaving this so long but I've been rather busy. The weird and wonderful world of fatherhood is one that does take up time. Also, I've been involved in a number of different things:-

  1. Getting some copywriting work done, and building up a client list
  2. Finishing the first draft of a novel "Edison Blake's First Great Adventure--In Which the Lord of Oblivion is Loosed from his Eternal Banishment and Wreaks Havoc and Destruction Upon the World Entire, but Centred Mainly on London, and Specifically Primrose Hill, Camden Town, Hampstead and other surrounding areas, Until Such Time As Edison, with the Help of his Dream Mentors and Associates Finds Within Himself the Key to Saving Mankind from Living an Eternal Nightmare." It's a short, snappy title which should go down well with publishers...
  3. Now working on a stage play "The Knocknameen Belter"
  4. Also started a new musical project, "Sweet Home Productions" with a good friend Carlos Santos--he's doing all the production and arrangements so it's mainly his baby. You can listen at-
  5. Teaching English
So, I hope you all understand that my blog entries will be very intermittent for the near future....

Hope you're all having a great summer!