Saturday, 19 May 2007

Stupid World Live

Continuing my mission to update you with the latest in stupidity, you'll find a new addition to my already-crowded left-hand bar: Stupid World Live.

This will feature well... stupid things that you shouldn't try to attempt at home.

Apart from clogging up your internet connection, I hope this is a welcome addition to my blog.

This "video bar" is something that you can have too--Blogger now offers you the chance to add one to your blog, and you can filter the content by adding keywords. Unsurprisingly, mine was "stupid accidents"--but I'll probably change that from time to time.

Have to go: smart things to do...


Mary said...

Neat addition, Richie.

Smart technology marches on! :)

Richie said...


And a big thank you to all the stupid people who make this blog possible!

PW said...

I'll have to investigate all this video stuff, Richie. Looks coolio. That final one of the highway accident is really weird. Not sure quite why that SUV spins eight times across the road from the initial bump. You'd expect a bit of paint to have been scraped.

gonzalo said...

That was stupid!
What's the meaning of stupidity?
Can anybody say something smart about stupidity?
I guess it's difficult, this word affects everything around it, it stains with stupidity everything it touches. The only smart thing you can say is a joke, you know, a smart one. Is like the simpsons, Homer is stupid (that's objective, there are a couple of episodes when they say it explicit) but everyone would agree is one of the smartest series ever!

Richie said...

pw & gonzalo --thanks for the comments! Glad you liked the new addition to the smart people blog!