Thursday, 3 May 2007

Stupid Coruña (3)

I Steal, You Steal, He/She It Steals...

You may think that criminals are uncultured, stupid people. Normally, you'd be right. But here in Coruña the criminals are a cut above the usual...

Yesterday, two individuals broke into a book shop and, in addition to 300 euros in cash, they stole various copies of a language course on CD.

Now, I don't know what language they wanted to learn, presumably it was English. But doesn't it warm your heart to see that even members of the criminal underclass are keen to maintain their studies? After all, I'm sure most robbers could benefit from being able to speak a foreign language. It must be terribly frustrating for them trying to mug English or American tourists and not being able to get past the language barrier.:-

"¡Dame el dinero!"

"I'm sorry, I don't understand."

"¡Dame todo tu dinero ya! Y ese Rolex que tienes alli."

"Excuse me? Ah, you want to know the time? It's four O' clock--nearly tea-time."

"Joder, olvidalo hombre..."

You can read the story (in Spanish, courtesy of La Voz de Galicia) in the link below:-


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Maybe they want to better themselves and become international thieves. Its always good to have a career goal.

Although I always thought pointing a gun at someone pretty much crossed all language barriers.

Mary said...

Hi Richie!

It's Cinco de Mayo over here, and this town is getting to be almost as bilingual as what these criminals you report on aspire to be!

Truly ironic, the story of these studious (one presumes) thieves and truly entertaining your comment on them!!

Keep a-writin'!


Richie said...

Hi Jen: ¡Yes they obviously want to grow in their chosen career!

Mary: Spanish is on the rise, especially in the US, so I hear.

Princess Banter said...

Love the blog -- quite entertaining and amusing haha ;) Keep at it and I'll keep coming back ;)

Richie said...

Thank you Princess! Your highness is always welcome here. Forgive the lack of a red carpet!

Susy P said...

Hi Richard,
You see, it is never too late to learn, specially when you're thieve, probably they just have got a lot of time off, usually they work during the night, so I supposed it's always good to spend sometime in the mornings to learn, it seems that we could take more information during the morning that during the nights, so it seems a pretty good idea learn another language, you never know your next mission, could be in Marbella. Take care
By the way, have a look at this link here, I found very interesting I am sure you'll enjoy this.

Susy P said...

To view the link just click on my name.
Take Care!!

Richie said...

Hey Susy!!!

Thank you for that link--it's hilarious!!!

PW said...

There may, of course, be a black market for stolen language courses. Dodgy geezers selling them out of suitcases on the Plaza Mayor. Normally it's 150 euros. But to you, squire? Let's call it 50. Look sharpish before the Guardia Civil arrive.