Monday, 14 May 2007

Smart Blogs

Without doubt, the burning question on every blogger's mind is, "How do I get a plug from Richie?"

Well, you should have a blog that is intelligent, witty, informative, entertaining and written in a style that would have Hemingway fuming with envy*.

Washed and Ready to Eat
is just such a blog! It's hosted by an old friend and colleague of mine, Phil Woodford, who works in the advertising industry as a copywriter. His observations on the pangs and quirks of modern life will have you smiling at the recognition of things you'd thought but never put into words... Enjoy!

* Failing that, just give me a plug and I'll do the same... ;)


Mary said...

Hey, Richie!

You're not bothered that
Phil has ripped away your masking screen name?

His blog posts are like salted peanuts--hard to
stop with just one.

Thanks for adding
one more
potential addiction
to the dangers
awaiting me
in the blogging world. :)

the rich Richie
saga which gets updated
from time to time
for the benefit of
Smart People retains
its irresistible allure
in the face of all

Richie said...

Thank you Mary--I know my secret is safe with you!

Your post reads like a poem! Do you like Haiku's?

I know Phil would be delighted with your description of his blog entries as being like salted peanuts. LOL!

PW said...

Thanks Mary. Love the salted peanuts. I hope you won't mind if I let the readers of Washed and Ready know of your testimonial.

Welcome to my world. You are free to leave at any time.