Thursday, 8 February 2007

Stupid Karma

Last night I sprained my ankle. No, I wasn't doing anything heroic, or even interesting. I was just crossing the road at a normal pace and CRACK!!! (in Spanish ¡¡PLAFF!!).

So, after spending last night with an ice pack on the injured part, today I hobbled over to the hospital. They kindly bandaged the thing up and sent me home on a pair of muletas (crutches).

I thought walking on crutches would be easy. Old people do it all the time, right? Man, was I wrong. For the first few minutes I must have looked like an angry Dr. Octopus as my arms flailed around in an attempt to find balance.

The thing was, after I got the hang of it (the secret is that you have to put both crutches forward in time with your injured foot, that way your weight is carried by the crutch) I was motoring down the pavement like a kid with a new toy. And then I remembered, "Hold on, Richie, you're supposed to be injured--if you make it look too easy people will think you're faking!"

So, I slowed down a little and grimaced to let people know that I was for real. I got some compassionate looks from other pedestrians, so I felt a lot better. Had a lot of problems climbing stairs though...

Anyway, I started thinking the whole incident over and I realised that it was only recently I had posted on the subject of stupid pedestrians, and of how much I valued my legs. Was it coincidence that I then injured myself?

I also remembered that I had posted on the subject of stupid car drivers, just before having a car accident...

So now I am very worried about the post I made concerning the man who mistook his cousin for his wife...


Anonymous said...

Richie- Lol! Well, that is a strange coincedence... maybe time will stop if you stop blogging!

Mary said...

No way can I top Justin's beautiful scientifically oriented comment.

So I'll content myself with offering a little grandmotherly advice:

Sprains are nothing to be sneezed at! A bad sprain can have more lasting consequences than a simple fracture.

Point is: take good care of it, that you don't re-injure it after it begins to heal.

I do empathize with you about the crutches, having been reduced to a pair of them twice in my "young" life.


Anonymous said...

I've never been in crutches before... although I have had tendonitus in my knees before. Whenever I injure myself I'm not sure what it is because:
1) I am not gifted with natural talents with identifying certain bones, fractures, sprains, and medicines.
2) I usually get hurt in more than one place.
3) Right now my knees hurt and so does my shoulder.
Are those bad signs???

Mary said...


Check your work-out schedule!

You may be overdoing it.

Alternatively, maybe you just need to have a quick look at your skeletal karma! ;)


Anonymous said...

Mary- You're right! I want some good karma... anyways I'll try to bed more careful and excercise in moderation... anyways has anyone seen Richie? He's not commenting anymore...

Richie said...

HI everybody: I'm not doing much commenting at the moment because my home internet connection is having lots of problems, and I can't really get around much due to the sprained ankle. Plus, it's getting close to the birth of my child!

Thanks for your comments!

Mary said...


Good to have you checking in.

Take it easy--we'll be patient (I think)--and enjoy re-reading your old blog posts while you recuperate and get the electronics stable.

Looking forward to a birth announcement here after the baby arrives.


Richie said...

Thank you Mary! Yes, I shall post here as soon as little Samuel arrives--maybe a photo too!

Adrian said...

Sorry to hear about the injury my good man.

Damn those slippery surfaces , right?


RobC said...

Crutches and stairs! I almost broke my neck trying that!
Get well soon, at least you are not in plaster for 9 months like I was. (long story... too little space)