Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Technology--a Man's World?

Boy, was I raring to get to grips with my first MP3 player. Yep, a Christmas present from my girlfriend.

Read the instruction manual (of the player that is--not my girlfriend, though wouldn't life be easier if women came with instruction guides?). As usual, I couldn't make much sense of the information. Obviously it had been translated from Klingon by an online translation program.

Undeterred, I plugged the gadget into my PC and transferred some cool albums. Call me old-fashioned but I actually own the artists' CDs. I think I'm the last person on earth still buying the things.

Soon I was listening to the last Echo and the Bunnymen album. ("Siberia" -- highly recommended!)

Then the player decides to shut it itself off. What the-!

Okay, don't panic Richie. Check the instructions. Damn Klingon. Hmm. Seems that I might have to reload the driver for the gizmo. Done. Hey! It works!

Three minutes later... no it doesn't. Grrr!

"Why don't you check the battery?" says my girlfriend.

Ha! What an idiotic suggestion. I am a man! Technology is my abode. I eat silicon chips and I crap fibre optics. I used to own a ZX Spectrum for god's sake. Don't you think I'd know if the battery was a dud?

Four hours and many failed attempts later, I decide, on a whim, to change the battery. It works.


So, my girlfriend is currently dancing around the flat listening to her favourite songs while I'm writing this from the doghouse. You know, I was a lot happier when I thought MP3s were some new and improved kind of politician.


Adrian said...

I buy CDs too!! : )

Theres something to be said about being able to SEE and HOLD an artists work in your hands.


As for the instruction manuals, I LOVE the trouble shooting guides:

For example:

PROBLEM: Picture will not display.

SOLUTION: Turn television set on.


Jen said...

I like your girlfriend already. *grin*

I personally like the warning lables on those big plastic bags things come in..You know the ones that say do not put this bag on your head it may cause suffocation.

Thats really good advise.

Richie said...

Adrian: Yeah, I even remember the old days of vinyl when part of the pleasure was looking at the sleeve artwork.

The trouble shooting guide I got with the mp3 player went like this:-

Problem: MP3 player won't turn on.

Solution: This is due to improper operation of the mp3 player.


Jen: If it hadn't been for the warning on those plastic bags I think I would have suffocated a long time ago!!!

My favourite are those packets of peanuts you get on airplanes:


How helpful!

Michael-From-The-Future said...


I was just about to leave the house and read this article, had to post a laugh ; )

Girlfriends can be amazingly helpful ... they hold many wonders!

Michael ~

Jen said...

I havent flown that much myself yet...But thanks for the heads up about those little bags on the plane..They really do have nuts in them you say???

Phew...I really dodged a bullet on that one!! Thank you Richie. :)

Richie said...

Jen: Anytime! (By the way bullets have been proven to be involved in 100% of deaths by shooting. Food for thought..!)

Michael: My posts are designed to bring a smile to the face. Glad you liked it!

RobC said...

Instructions on how to handle women have infinite loops.
I must scan that cartoon from my Electronics Today where the furballs have dismantled this huge complex peice of electronic machinery... one of em has the plug in his hand...
As to bullets... they say each one has an adress... it is the ones marked "occupant" that worry me.

Richie said...

robc: LOL! Reminds of a sketch from a British programme called Blackadder:

Blackadder: What have you got there, Baldrick?

Baldrick? It's a bullet. I wrote my name on it. I thought, if I had the bullet with my name on it, then I would never be able to be shot by someone else...

Anonymous said...

Richie- I'm sorry but I have to counter your comment on that all shootings are bullet-related. Well, that's not true. I think that there is a story when a guy shot another guy in the head with a harpoon...

Richie said...

Justin: Damn! You're right! People shoot themselves with all kinds of strange stuff! You're really on the ball, there. I can see you're definitely a smart person!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!! THANKS!!