Friday, 5 January 2007

Taking the Piss

People steal for one reason, you would think. To get money. Or to get something highly valuable which can be turned into money. What was This Guy thinking?

Forget all those criminal masterminds you see in the movies: the majority of lawbreakers are stupid.


Michael-From-The-Future said...

I'm almost at a loss for words on this one ... I suppose he had fond memories of that urinal and evenings he spent (pardon the pun) there! So maybe he wanted to have it at home ???


Michael !

Jen said...

Well...some people are timid tinklers...Perhaps he only felt comfortable with this particular urinal and had to have it for his very own...

OK....Not even I believe that. This guy has issues.

Richie said...

Michael: Lol!

jen: timid tinklers!!! You really do know THE CODE, don't you?

Adrian said...

JEN: I believe the correct term is SHY BLADDER ; )

John Three Thirty said...

dude is a struggling plumbing contractor.

Instead of hitting up Lowe's and buying a toilet for x dollars, he decided to save money on material costs by ganking one. Means more money in his pocket at the end of the job where he was contracted to install a toilet.

The article said it was "professionally done" (the heist). Dude knew what he was doing.

royale said...

About the urinal cake, maybe there is some sick high this man gets off of taking piss bricks.
There are a lot of freaks out there.

On that note, criminals do the most idiotic things; let me rephrase that, desperate and ill-motivated criminals do idiotic things.

I have been a victim of moron criminals actions and I actually felt pity for them.

I am thankful these people exist.
They give us something to be thankful for.

Were not that PATHETIC and we never will be.

Rose said...

A urinal? Maybe he wanted to take a piss in private?

Richie said...

John Three Thirty: Thank you for dropping by! Yeah, I agree that your explanations sounds like the most probable cause. How much do urinals cost? As to the professional nature of the crime, obviously this is not the first or the last time that this person has nicked a urinal. Keep your eyes focused on your toilets people!

Royal: And thank you too for dropping by! I'm sorry that you've been a victim of crime, but as you say at least you're not as nadly off as the people who feel the need to commit such criminal actions.

Rose: Once again thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

Everybody: Regular readers and new readers are all welcome here, feel free to leave comments and your own experiences with stupidity. Together we can make the world a smarter place!

Richie said...

Royale: You don't seem to have comments enabled on your blog. But it looks promising, what are your resolutions?

Scruffyhippo said...

I agree with John Three Thirty... A plumber thats been caught 'short' in more ways than one lol