Monday, 22 January 2007

Stupid English (1)

Given the popularity of the Gun Wounds Again post, I've decided to continue the theme of stupid English.

Now, we can expect people who don't speak English as a first language to make mistakes, but what's funny about these links is that some of the worst come from English speakers... They have no excuse! They're just plain stupid! So it's okay to laugh. In fact it's obligatory.

Anyway, I'll stop yabbering now and give you the links... This is kind of like those programmes that show funny video clips people have sent in. You know, the ones where the presenters never shut up and let you see the videos, they just ramble on with some boring monologue that nobody is interested in. "Get to the funny stuff!" you cry. "Get to the funny stuff!"

I'd hate to be one of those people, so without further ado here are the links to some fantastically warped uses of the English language. Oh, but before I give you them I'd just like to say thank you to Valeria at
Conversation Agent whose comment inspired me to scour the web for this stuff. Fortunately, my search didn't take long as these are all from one site! It's called and it's well worth the visit.

Okay, now I'll post the links.

No, really I will.

Say, that reminds me of the time... *raises hands in submission* okay, okay. Jeez, some people are impatient...

Stupid Warnings -- Warning: these can seriously damage your keyboard if you are drinking coffee. That means you Mary;)

Stupid Signs -- Where did these people go to shcool?

Stupid Classified Ads -- Think I'll answer that ad about time travel. No, wait, I already did that tomorrow...

Stupid Church Signs and Bulletins -- Finally, religion gets honest...

I could go on and on. There is enough stuff on this site to keep us entertained for days. Thank God for stupid people--they are an endless source of pleasure!

If you have any links to humourous content like the above, please send it to me and I'll post it here with a link to your page. Got to go now, have to put my sides back together...

P.S. Also at you'll find a hilarious restaurant menu. I didn't link because it's a bit rude, but for those of you who are over 18 it's well worth fishing around for...


Mary said...

Hey, Richie!

My keyboard, having slightly recovered from its morning coffee bath, is now trying to cope with a new warm-liquid shower of afternoon tea.

Has started chattering in stupid English, shuddering, and putting up automatic Laughing Out Loud alert boxes.

Think caffeine induces Stupid English outpourings?

Hmm. LOL


P.S. Thanks a mil, an' keep a-writin'!!

P.P.S. Have a look at my today's blog in re
Stupid Shower Curtain Instructions. LOL

Anonymous said...

As I've stated in your Kung Fu section... I've seen stupid signs... especially on the internet!!!

Matthew said...



Nice one!

Adrian said...

A bean supper will be held on Tuesday evening in the church hall. Music will follow.


And if those same beans were put in chilli?

A new rendition of Johnny Cashs "RING OF FIRE!

Richie said...

Adrian: LOL! They do say that flatulence will get you anywhere!

Matthew: Thanks must go to the stupid people who sacrificed themselves so that we could have a good laugh!

Scruffyhippo said...

After recovering form rotflmao and wiping the tears from laffin so much,... just enough energy left to type this :) well done that man

Richie said...

Scruffhippo: Thank you!

I have to ask what does rotflmao stand for? I know it means some type of laughter but I just can't figure it out.

My knowledge of these things is limited to LOL-Laugh Out Loud. This is because I suffer from IOTA - Ignorance Of These Acronyms...

Richie said...

Justin: Please tell us about the stupid signs you've seen. We want to know more!

Anonymous said...

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