Saturday, 27 January 2007

Stupid Car Drivers Take to the Skies

Can you imagine the problems this hunk of junk is going to cause?

Stupid car drivers are going to have the chance for some
real action. Over our heads!!!

What happens when one of these flyboys forgets to fill up the tank? Or is too busy talking on his mobile phone to pay attention to where he's going? The possibilities for disaster are limitless.

And there are currently no traffic lights in our skies!!! No air police to make these people pull over!!! No radars to make sure they don't break the sound barrier!!!

And I have not seen one single ad campaign warning of the dangers of drinking and flying...

I don't know about you but I'm going to be wearing a helmet when I go out.

And by the way, who thought up the name of this thing? The Transition? That doesn't sound like a flying car, isn't it something that happens between paragraphs. Are they really going to attract testosterone-pumped morons with a name that could be the title of a Chekov play?

I seriously doubt Han Solo would have been so cool if he'd been flying a Transition instead of the Millennium Falcon. Still, it is the 21st Century. It's about time we had something futuristic in the skies, I just wish we could use the Force to protect ourselves when things go wrong...


Mary said...

James Bond!

It's just the sort of thing James Bond would consider cool.

Me, I'm making plans to reserve a condo in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, and to then learn to live there on cave crickets and spring water!

Thanks a mil for the heads-up, Richie!


Adrian said...

I for one CANT WAIT to shoot flying cars out of the sky instead of clay pigeons! : )