Monday, 8 January 2007

Stupid Car Drivers (2)

Well, it had to happen. Somebody reversed into my car last night. Thankfully, my eight-month pregnant girlfriend was not with me at the time.

The driver got out, came over, looked at the damage her massive BMW all-terrain tank-cum-weapon of mass destruction had inflicted on my little Polo and said, "Que raro que tu capo hace eso!"

Translation: "How strange that your bonnet/hood does that!"

My bonnet was crumpled up like it had smelled something particularly nasty.

My reply: "No, it's normal that the bonnet does that when you crash into it! What is strange is that you would reverse without looking straight into my car."

More details later when I've calmed down... Fortunately, nobody was hurt or injured. Stupid people, GRRR!!!!


Mary said...

Hi Richie!

Sorry it happened. Glad you weren't hurt.

As a veteran of 5 collisions--a couple of those only fender benders--it's easy for me to imagine your present state of mind.

I'm watching your space to see how this goes for you.

My crystal ball reveals the possibility of a new car in your future.


Scruffyhippo said...

The classic defense is "I didn't see you" as they reverse into your bright red car !!!

Yep has happened to me too

Richie said...

Mary: Thank you for your kind words! I'm easily shaken up by these kind of things. It was my first accident. Thankfully, not a serious one.

scruffyhippo: I believe those were indeed her very first words to me! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Please look around and enjoy yourself. Today, I'm not my usual playful self but things will be back to normal tomorrow...

Rose said...

Hi Richie, yes thank God your gf was not in the car. I'm glad that no one was hurt.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you weren't hurt. How much did the damage cost???

Richie said...

Rose and Justin: Thank you both for your compassion. At the moment my insurance company is trying to contact the driver of the other car. Presently she is not responding to phone calls....

I don't imagine the cost will be more than a couple of hundred euros--which the other driver's insurance will pay for, sooner or later.

Michael-From-The-Future said...

Hey Richie! I'm glad you're okay bud. Your health is most important.

Take Care today and watch out for those people ; )

How are you getting around now without your car ?

Michael ~

Adrian said...

My own BROTHER smashed my cars door in with his car while he was reversing his car.


RobC said...


hd/ said...

Hi there, michael-G told me about your blog.
accidents, like lottery numbers or other remarkable incidents, happen in clusters.
word to the wise:-be ultra vigilant for 3 months or just create 2 other minor accidents that you are fully in control of. by my reckoning you will then have many years of accident free motoring.

your problem now is that the wmd driver woman may have been trying to get her couple of accidents out of the way, and if u reciprocate and pass on this reasoning, a worldwide gridlock of road rage will follow.