Saturday, 6 January 2007

Pardon my Appearance

I'm currently rethinking the design of this page. Please let me know your comments. For example, do you think I should change to a black on white format? Is there too much clutter on this page, or do you think it's okay to read?

Much obliged!

By the way, Jorge (one of my Spanish readers) hope you are feeling better!


Michael-From-The-Future said...

Hey Richie!

I like your simple style format, and no I don't think it's too cluttered. But please feel free to change it up - I will let you know what I think and you can always put it back the way you had it (make sure to save your original templates).

When you asked if you should change to a black on white format what did you mean ? I thought you meant black text on white background (and it is that now right?)

Best to you bud, good luck & keep up the great writing!

Michael !

Richie said...

Good point Michael, yes I meant white on black.

Thanks for spotting the mistake I *ahem* deliberately left there to see how smart you all are!!!!

Right now I've switched to a left hand sidebar and I may some more changes during the week depending on your comments so don't be put off if the design flips around a bit.

Michael-From-The-Future said...

*lol* I KNEW that you did that deliberately to see if I'd notice ; )

About you switching to a left hand sidebar, there is a good plus to that. If people with different screen sizes & or resolutions lose any sight of your page it will be the right side --- so by having your sidebar contents on the left you should always be safe from that happening : )

I prefer the dark text on a light background but have noticed many new blogs using the reverse. Don't mind what I say though, I'm not a trendy person *

Good Luck Richie!

Richie said...

Thank you Michael, your comments are always welcome.

Adrian said...

I think its fine as is- but we will never know until we see what you have in mind!

I can only think of adding pictures to your BRILLIANT posts.

And Im only saying that cos I felt pressurised to add SOMETHING, ANYTHING to this "dialogue" : )

Richie said...

Thank you Adrian.

Yes I think pictures would be a great idea but I'm a bit thick when it comes to this internet business.

Where do you go to get pictures?

Are there problems with copyright?

Adrian said...

I just get photos off the Internet-images from Google.

As far as I'm aware, Im OK-

but Ill cross the copyright bridge whe I get there. I dont claim the photos or pictures as my own and I certainly dont make any profit from them or my blog, so I reckon Im safe.

But if you want to be safe, just put in a disclaimer or credit the site where you got them from. : )

Mary said...

Hi Richie!

I like your appearance the way it is, black font on white background.

Please keep it that way--be easier on my old eyes.

BTW, I just now discovered you--joined Help Groups, went to Share Your Blog, and there you were, inviting me over.

Of the blogs I've cruised through so far, I give you 5 stars and rate you also in the top 5.

Keep a-writin'!


John Steinberg said...

i love the simple layout. it's just like mine--except i don't get as much readership...

come check out my blog-

Richie said...

Adrian: Thanks for the tips dude! Your blog is really impressive in the way that you use different colours and images to make things visually appealling.

Mary: Thank you for the kind words! It seems that most people prefer the black font on a white background so I'll keep it that way. However, in the near future I will be trying to incorporate images.

John steinberg: Thank you too for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! Hey, my readership is very small. Before Michael-from-the-future showed up there was nobody posting here. Through him I met a bunch of other lovely people and yesterday I left a message on a blog group inviting people here to take a look. Seems to have worked!

Just find some blogs you like, enter into the spirit of the blog and pretty soon you'll have people checking out your blog too.

I would say that it shouldn't be rushed. Don't expect an avalanche of people all at once. But if you write good posts, people will find them.

Anonymous said...

I like your white format so far. It keeps it all simple...unlike my blogs...:(

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