Wednesday, 17 January 2007

I Know Your PIN Number!

Yesterday's post about Richard Feynman got me thinking about how many passwords and PIN numbers we need in everyday life.

I have a PIN for my bank account and my video club. Passwords? Now we start to go crazy. I have passwords for my: blogger account, hotmail email, yahoo email, myspace group page, group's email, Digg, Echo and the Bunnymen forum, local music scence forum--I have probably hundreds more that I can't even remember right now.

How easy would it be to crack these PINs and passwords?

Let me do a little experiment. Of the readers of this blog, I reckon not many are stupid enough to have their PIN as 1234. But I think some of you were born in 1980. So, I guess at least one of you has that as your PIN. Password? Ooh, let me take a wild stab in the dark--your first name plus 1980 or your first name plus 80.

Scary huh? Don't worry, I'll keep it safe...


Adrian said...

As far as my numbers are concerned:



You dont get to be Supreme Commander of the World by having bad passwords! : )

Anonymous said...

WRONG, WRONG, ALL WRONG! My password is much more complicated... I had a deleted account with the password of 147997. Don't worry, this password was for an account that has been DELETED!! MWAHAHAHAH! No hacking for you!

Anonymous said...

Adrian- Is your password for your blog "Iambetterthanu"? Don't worry... you may be...;)

Richie said...

Guys: I know that neither of you were born in 1980. Still, if I were right, who would risk telling me before they'd changed all their PINs and passwords and stuff?

Justin: Adrian's password is "Password? I don't need no stinking password! I am the supreme commander!"

It's a little long, but that makes it a little more difficult to crack... Doh!

Adrian said...


If ever I require new passwords I soooooo know where to come looking!!


Richie said...

By the way, with over 6 billion people in the world, only 2 have come forward to say I was wrong.

By my calculations that means I guessed the correct password for over 99% of the entire world!

Adrian said...

Well- who better to correctly guess peoples secret PINs than the future Supreme World Minister of Intelligence?