Monday, 8 January 2007

False Alarm

Sorry guys, I think the person who alerted me made a mistake with the comments process. Everything seems to be working normally. Relax, and breathe out!


Anonymous said...

Vhat? My virus doesn't work anymore? Well, I'll install a new one... MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! JUST KIDDING. Seriously. I had nothing to do with that. I found your blog via Adrian.

Richie said...

Justin: You just gave me a heart attack! That's exactly what I had been scared of!

Don't worry-I know you from your blog about ancient history. Which I can recommend to anyone with an interest in ancient Greece and Rome. Very informative!

Michael-From-The-Future said...

Hi Richie,

I believe what happened is that the person in question clicked on the EMAIL POST instead of COMMENT icon. When you choose to EMAIL THE POST then the page asks you for a friends email addy etc.

; )


Septian said...


Richie said...

Thank you Michael--I responded to your post in the earlier comment you left on the other post.

Septian: Hi! Sorry if things seem a little confused around here at the moment. Normal service will resumed shortly. Thank you for dropping by! Hope you enjoy yourself here!

Anonymous said...

THANKS RICHIE!:) Don't worry, I doubt that you've been hacked. I don't even get how people are able to hack or send virus. Where do they go? Hmm... maybe .org...;)

Richie said...

justin: In fact there are websites for hackers, but hopefully they are not easy to find!