Monday, 1 January 2007

2007 Lucky for Some

What's the most stupid conversation you've ever had?

Last night, as part of the New Year celebrations, a TV presenter commented that 2007 will be wonderful because 7 is a lucky number.

Someone asked me why 7 was considered a lucky number. I replied that the week was divided into 7 days, and consequently we feel there is something special about this particular number.

I won't go into the stupidity of superstition at this moment. I felt confident that my response was coherent if not necessarily correct. Morons, however, always manage to catch intelligent people by surprise. Someone jeered at me, "The week doesn't have seven days; it has 8."


"Sunday to Sunday. Eight days."

Could you have managed a reply to such an insane idea? No, neither could I. And this was no joke, the person was serious.

Be careful in 2007, my friends. Be very careful...


Michael-From-The-Future said...


Hi Richie, I HONESTLY would have replied to that person like this (and I'm not joking) ...

" Woah! I never realized that! I had been counting it out differently all this time ... geez, THANK YOU for pointing that out! Can you believe I've been saying it the other way all these years! Sometimes I think I'm so smart and then BAM! I'm enlightened, thank you friend "

I know --- but I do it all the time, it's great! : )

How often do people think I'm being sarcastic ... not often, that's the scary part!

Happy 1st Day of 2007 Richie!


Richie said...

Thank you Michael, you're right it is scary when people don't get the irony!

Your response is fantastic! Stupid people should be made to suffer the consequences of their actions more.

Hope you have a great 2007! Or is that 2008? It's so hard keeping track...

Adrian said...

The number seven is lucky to me for one very silly reason.

My Grade Seven Mathematics Teacher.

I had a hardcore mathematics teacher in Primary School and he would literally beat the multiplication tables into us.

I am not numerically gifted and thus had very bad luck with numbers and maths was SOOOOO not my strongpoint.

As a result I naturally struggled and got lots of beatings (to no avail).

EXCEPT when it came to remembering the seven times table which I memorised, NO PROBLEM.

I escaped a beating on that occasion and as a result it has been considered my lucky number ever since!


Richie said...

That's a scary story Adrian. Teachers should never have to use aggression, still less violence.

Why did you find it easy to learn the seven times table? Was it something to do with the rhythm? Some pattern in the numbers?

Adrian said...

RICHIE: I have absolutely no idea!!

All I know is that the guy was OBSESSED with maths. Whenever I saw him in later years he would always ask me (in his booming voice):


Until I quit maths as a subject and took Business Economics instead.

I havent seen or heard from him since!

(Most likely because I went to a different High School and now live in a foreign country than anything else- but it made for a good ending. Im sure you understand!) : )

Richie said...

Wise choice Adrian!

RobC said...

I only started picking up maths after school, plotting yourself on a map to get to food and water is a great teacher.
As to the magical properties of numbers, I think there is something to it, when I figure it out I hope to clean out the Lotto...

Richie said...

robc: sounds cool--Mathematics as a survival tool! I'm going to check your blog for more info about that.

Adrian said...

To this day I have NEVER had to use geometry or algebra for ANYTHING.

Richie said...

Adrian: Dammit, I've been thinking hard but I can't remember the last time I used them either!

RobC said...

Algebra? is that a country? :-)
Geometry is handy in map reading and planning arcs of fire and artillery trajectories, although the latter was never an issue as I was in the infantry, I forgot... it is also used in calling for air support. I always wanted to do that but never had the need to say "Arend, arend" (Eagle, eagle) over the radio. But I would have loved to see the results. Even our Impalas packed quite a punch back in the 1970's. :-)

Richie said...

robc: sounds like you've had one heck of an interesting life!