Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Stupid Car Drivers

Yesterday morning, here in La Coruña, a young man was knocked down by a car. The driver didn't stop.

An unfortunate yet all-too common story.

But wait, there's more. The young man wasn't crossing the road. No, according to La Voz de Galicia, he was walking along the pavement!

What kind of nutcase manages to knock down someone who isn't even on the road?

Of course, as the cowardly driver didn't stop, there is no way of imposing a criminal sentence; no way of justice being done.

Please share your relevant experiences with stupid car drivers, and what action you took at the time.

Also, what do you think can be done to reduce these kind of stupid accidents?


Matthew said...


Those drivers should be fined.... or perhaps the government should ban their driving licence.

How is Spain anyway? A lot of those bad drivers?


Adrian said...

CCTV would help-

My friend was knocked down in much the same way, back in 1999. Some drunk driver actually managed to launch his car onto the pavement and knock him down (from behind)as he was walking home.

Richie said...

Matthew: Hola! There are a lot of bad drivers here--particularly in Galicia. Red lights? They just change colour, that's all they do...

Adrian: Sorry to hear about your friend. Drunk drivers should go to prison.

Richie said...

*Stop Press*

Just saw that they actually managed to capture the driver of the vehicle involved in this hit and run.

A witness noted down the licence plate. Thank god for smart people.

Michael-From-The-Future said...

Fantastic news that they caught the driver (or at least the car). No telling who was driving when it happened, hope the guilty party is held accountable.


RobC said...

The majority of the deaths on our roads this xmas was due to drunkeness... the drunks could not stay off the roads and got mowed down by the drunks in the cars. The stats claim 60% of the road death victims were inebriated but do not break it down to the axact figures just some vauge stats... sometimes I distrust stats...

Richie said...

Robc: I knew that drunk driving was dangerous but I didn't realise that drunk walking was such a problem.

Here in Galicia there was a major accident (similar to the one I mentioned in the original post) where a drunk driver killed two pedestrians who were on the pavement. He drove with one of the bodies on the bonnet of his car for about 50metres before zigzagging to throw it off. He did not stop, of course.

The police arrested him this morning following witness information.

How many more accidents are there going to be like this?