Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Stupid Advertising

Saw an interesting post on Seth Godin's blog about the wisdom of using good copy in ads: good copy

Having worked in advertising, I agree wholeheartedly. My response is: do not underestimate the stupidity of the client.

For example, a colleague was working on a recruitment campaign for black firefighters. The headline he came up with was "Token Black? Take it Back."

A pretty gutsy line which spelled out the tough attitude that ethnic minorities sometimes need to overcome prejudice.

The client loved the ad but wanted it changed to: "Token Black? Don't Even go There."

In the end good sense prevailed and the smart people won. However, copy is only as good as the client who approves it. There is an old advertising saying, "Don't buy a dog and bark yourself." If you hire a talented group of people, be guided by their advice.

Still, there is a lot of stupid advertising out there. Check out this page for an overview: commercialsihate