Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Danger of Dumbocracy

I firmly believe that stupidity is a serious problem for society. Thankfully, I'm not alone in this view.

The Daily Kos features a heartfelt rant about the current Bush administration. The writer raises the question of living in a "meritocracy" run by expert economists, diplomats and so on.

The problem is, who gets to decide which people are right for the job?

The current "Dumbocracy" in the United States is a warning to us all. However, I still think that the democratic process is the best way of deciding state leaders. This does not mean, though, that we can't make the system more effective.

For example, if I go for a job interview, the Human Resource department will submit me to all kinds of questionnaires and tests to determine if I am a suitable applicant. This to work as an administration clerk. Surely running the country requires an even more stringent selection process?

Let's give would-be politicians IQ tests, psychological tests, and any other tests we can think of. Let's make those results public. Let's see what politicians are really made of...


Michael-From-The-Future said...


Hi Richie! I agree with you on so many points that you made in this article. Well written & well said!

One point of note concerning your example of going to a job interview: Even though they do question & test you to determine if you are suitable, you may still be passed over for someone less qualified for various reasons because we live in a STUPID WORLD as you say ; )

Great website, glad that I found it. I had almost this exact idea for a blog but apparently I don t have the brutal honesty to spill this type of truth.

Keep it coming Richie!

Michael F.T.F.

Richie said...

Thank you Michael From the Future. Glad you liked the blog! How did you find it? I'm curious as to how I can improve the traffic here.

You make a good point about job interviews. I remember a friend going through job interview hell, imagining he was going to be working with geniuses because of the toughness of the selection process, only to discover that the workplace was staffed by the usual percentage of idiots!

How can this be so? That's a subject for an upcoming blog...

Michael-From-The-Future said...

Hello again Richie!

I honestly can't remember how I found your blog, but if you have left comments elsewhere then that's probably how it happened.

I often click on users profiles if they leave interesting comments throughout the cyberworld : )

As for gathering traffic, I think you're on the right track. You have an interesting subject and your writing is fun! Over time you will gain readers (I know this is often stated but it is true!)

Take Care Richie,

Michael F.T.F.

RobC said...

I seriously doubt if any politician could pass even the most mundane test.
As to job applications. Everything becomes irrelevant when goverment legislates who should be a preferred group for jobs. Being the best rarely counts in many countries due to some form of affirmitave action bullshit.

Richie said...

robc: sorry this reply is a little late.

When I was working in advertising I did a campaign to recruit female firefighters, in fact it was for female asian firefighters. As part of the research I went to speak with some serving female firefighters and they were not in favour of affirmative action.

They felt that firefighting was a vocation and that you either wanted to do it or not. Trying to encourage ethnic minorities meant that their colleagues did not look too kindly towards people who they felt were not selected on the basis of being able to do the job.

So even women and ethnic minorities are not necessarily in favour of affirmative action.