Wednesday, 13 December 2006

10 Stupid Things Bosses Do

  1. Don’t give you a pay raise. Despite the fact that you’ve worked hard, and done your job way beyond expectations.
  2. Give a pay raise to their golf/yoga buddy. The one who is functionally incompetent but always laughs at the boss’ jokes.
  3. Ask you if you’re free to do some overtime. Only the overtime won’t be paid, and you won’t even be thanked for doing it. Plus the boss will be going early for a golf/yoga engagement.
  4. Take your good ideas and pass them off as their own. Course, you’re not invited to the top level boss meetings, so you never get to find out that your boss is getting all the credit for all the hard work you’re doing.
  5. Shout. It doesn’t matter what about. The boss got some hassle from his wife/her husband for spending the evening with some golf/ yoga buddies so he/she is going to take things out on the servants, sorry employees.
  6. Ignore you. Sure, they won’t listen to you when you tell them that the photocopier/printing press/nuclear reactor is about to conk unless it gets some serious maintenance. Then when things go belly up they blame you for not informing them.
  7. Accuse you of not being a team player. That is, you don’t do exactly what you’re told no matter how brainless the order, and because you don’t go to the pub/wine bar or play golf/do yoga. No, you’re too busy doing your bloody job and trying to have a life afterwards.
  8. Hire pretty girls/boys. Because they make the boss think he/she is sexually attractive. Doesn’t matter if these beautiful people are thick as a brick. They’re not going to get fired, and you’re going to have to waste your precious time showing them how to do their job.
  9. Hire old school friends or family members. At a higher salary than you. These people will then nitpick everything you do to make themselves look better. They will also steal your ideas but then hey, they’re friends with the boss and you’re not, sucker.
  10. Screw the servants, sorry employees, at every opportunity. Read into this whatever you feel is appropriate.

…And the Smart Way to Avoid Them All:-

  1. Give up your job, become your own boss. (That way you get to do all these things, and more, to yourself!)